Salsa and Swing Group Classes in New York City. All classes are 4 week sessions and are taught in a progressive learning environment. Click the picture above to see the Group Class schedule and to register for classes.

Private Lessons are a great way to work with an instructor and get more technical with your basics, leading/following, patterns, and musicality. Your instructor will teach you how to feel more comfortable on the dance floor and help you reach your dancing goals faster.

JesAnn is more than a dancer!!! She's an Artist of several different styles... A painter, an amateur photographer, and creator of many on-going art projects. Check out what she's been creating lately at Color Space Time, her Art business!

Salsa Classes: Wednesdays in April (Pearl Studios 519 8th Ave. Studio K)

  • 7PM Club Salsa (Salsa On2 & Bachata) -Level 1
  • 8PM Salsa On2 -Level 2

Swing Classes: Mondays in April (Pearl Studios 519 8th Ave. Studio A)

  • 7PM Club Swing (West Coast Swing) -Level 1
  • 8PM West Coast Swing -Level 1.5

April Group Classes NYC

IMG_0770We have a new schedule for our March group classes. We’ve added a NEW West Coast Swing class! The Advanced Beginner WCS class is for students wanting to enhance basics, concentrate on details, and take their dancing to the next level. We will focus on technique, WCS movement/rhythm, and learn some fun advanced patterns. REQUIREMENT: You have to have taken (at least) one month of Club Swing class (Month A or B) OR be able to dance the 5 basics of West Coast Swing (Sugar Push, Left Side Pass, Right Side Pass, Tuck Turn, and Whip).

To register click HERE or email for more info.

Ballroom, Swing, Salsa classes NYCMarch Schedule for Mondays @ Pearl:

6PM Social Ballroom (Tango & Cha Cha)

7PM Club Swing (WCS Level 1, Month B)

8PM West Coast Swing (Advanced Beginner)

9PM Club Salsa (Salsa On2 & Bachata Level 1, Month B)

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Enjoy a few LOVEday specials from me to you on this lovely weekend!

Choose from a Group Class Special or a Private Lesson Special…

NYC Dance Lesson Specials NYC Dance Lesson Specials

LOVEday Specials:

Thank you for coming to class!

Here are the class reviews for February week 2…
For Social Ballroom (Rumba) click HERE
For Club Swing (West Coast Swing) click HERE
For Club Salsa (Bachata and Salsa On2) click HERE
See you all next week!
Happy dancing,

Strictly Swing w/ JesAnn and Stephane…3rd Place!!!


We are moving to a (slightly) bigger studio for our Monday night group classes…

Pearl Studios

519 8th Ave. between 35th & 36th street

12th Floor, Studio A

519 8th Ave

Jes&Derick St. Patricks Day Novice Invitational 2012 JesAnn & Derick are excited to be in Connecticut this weekend.

Feb. 8th & 9th 

West Coast Swing Workshops, Private Lessons, & Social Dancing 


Find more information, to register for workshops, and/or schedule a private lesson, click HERE.

Private Lessons:

  • We are available for Private Lessons Saturday & Sunday from 1-4pm.


6:00pm – Enhance Your Dance (Level: Adv Beg)

  • We take WCS elements to a new level in this workshop. Adding fancy footwork for leaders, sexy styling for followers, and timing changes for all in order to enhance the basics of West Coast Swing.

7:00pm – Creating Contrast (Level: Adv Beg)

  • Getting more creative with the dynamics of West Coast Swing moves by changing your dimensions on the dance floor.

8:30pm – “S” is for Style (Level: Adv Beg)

  • Sexy. Staccato. Sultry. Swanky. Strong. Striking. Seductive. What is your style? Learn how to bring your personality to the dance floor in a way that feels authentic and gets noticed.
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